Communicating With Fate

The tree loomed above me as I dug my heels into the snow, climbing the hill towards it.

The pine grew out of the break in the rocks, and I stood before it as if before an altar.  It was so perfect, as if intentional. The rocks opening up to form a passage to the tree which towered straight up as if with profound purpose.

It felt holy and something stirred inside of me, not unlike the feeling of desire.  I wondered if this is  how people felt when they stood before an altar in a church praying to the Virgin Mary or Jesus on the cross.

I’ve knelt before those altars early in my life, but never felt anything like this.

After a while, I fished my iPhone out of my coat pocket and snapped a picture.  Then another, to make sure I got it right and this time I saw Fate standing next to the tree.

In my awe, I had forgotten all about her.  But there she was, making herself a part of the thing that I was giving my full attention.

It’s not the first time she’s done this.

Fate often walks right into a picture I’m taking. It’s different than when she runs ahead and waits for me.   It’s more like she’s as curious or interested as I am, in what I’m looking at.  In some way, she actually becomes a part, not just of what ever it is I’m looking at, but of the whole experience.

Maybe she senses the intensity of what I’m feeling and this is her way of acknowledging it, of sharing it with me.

I’m beginning to think that Fate understands the language we share better than I do. I keep trying to talk to her in  words but it’s images and emotions that we really communicate best in.

There are times that Fate looks at me with such intensity that I’m sure she’s trying to tell me something telepathically and I’m just not “hearing” it. Sometimes she’ll give me that same look then glance at the door  or the kitchen drawer where the treats are, and back at me again.  A sure sign of what she wants.

I’ve had dogs most of my life, but I’ve never had this kind of experience with any of them before.  Maybe it’s Fate, or maybe I’m at a place in my life where I’m open to trying to understand and trust what is happening between us.

4 thoughts on “Communicating With Fate

  1. Oh, Maria! This is so beautiful! Both the photo and what you have perceived about Fate’s communication with you. My German Shepherd, Ellie was much the same way with me. I used to marvel that she would know where to be and what to do just because I was focusing with intensity.

    1. Thanks Annie, I might be something in the herding dogs, picking up on our intensity and trying to figure out what it is we want. That would make sense don’t you think?

  2. I just finished reading The Secret Life of Trees and I totally get how you felt. I have been developing a deep love for trees ever since I bought my previous property in WA which had an amazing tree that sadly split in half during a storm. I had not expected to weep for a tree.

    The other day I watched a program about a Welsh Shepherd..her eyes were similar to Fate’s. I had not realized how different their shepherding style is to the Border Collie. It was very interning. I am sure you are right about her telepathy. She is so beautiful.

    Best to all…

    1. I’ve cried for trees too Carolyn and I don’t really know much about sheep herding, but I am beginning to see the similar traits in herding dogs.

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