My Naked, Photographer, Husband From New England


Jon taking a picture of the sunshine  this morning.

“The sun is out” I yelled to Jon, who was getting ready to take a shower.  “The mud is glistening, the slate is shiny with rain.”  “It looks just like it did when you took that picture Morning Path.”

I knew Jon couldn’t resist the sun.  I was at the gate feeding Fanny and Lulu yesterdays bread when I saw him come out of the house, naked, taking pictures with his iPhone.

Then I couldn’t resist.

I quickly figured out how to take a picture of my naked, photographer, husband so I could post it on my blog.

It’s become a thing, Jon running out naked, trying to  capture the sunlight in a photo while it lasts.

Today happens to be warm, but he’ll do it in a snow storm if the light is right.  As much fun as we have joking about it, it’s really quite noble, I think,  and the sign of a true artist, not letting anything get in the way of his work.

The Tin Man is shielding Jon, physically and grabbing the focus, leaving Jon a fuzzy blur.  I kept thinking of the nude scenes in the Austin Powers movies.

I asked Jon  if he minded if I posted the photo on my blog and then he wanted a copy of it to post it on his blog too.  I was in my studio and emailed him the picture.

A few minutes later my phone rang,  I could hear Jon blush over the phone.  “You can post it”, he said suddenly shy, “but I can’t”.   I told him  it was no different than if he were wearing a bathing suit.   “I just can’t,” he repeated,  “after all,  I’m from New England.”

2 thoughts on “My Naked, Photographer, Husband From New England

  1. Maria, you made me laugh out loud with your reference to the nude scenes in Austin Powers movies. I hadn’t picked up on the tact and grace of the Tin Man in the photo until you mentioned the movies. Phew. Thank goodness Ed Gulley made such a large Tin Man. 🙂 Thanks for the laughs.

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