Dragonfly Potholders

Dragonfly Potholders

March is official “Swap Month” in my Bellydancing class.  That means my fellow dancers are bringing in bellydancing clothes and fabric and wool and anything else we may want to give away.  So at the end of class, when everyone has taken what they want, I fill my bag with the rest of the fabric.

That’s where I got the dragonfly fabric (thank you Emily).

Once I started making these Dragonfly Potholders I couldn’t’ stop.  I was definitely under their spell.

Luckily Lisa, from the Cambridge Valley Vet, called to remind me that Red had an acupuncture appointment so I had to stop.  And I was gone long enough to pull me out of my obsessive trance, otherwise I might still be in my studio making more.

They still need to be made into potholders, but I might have to make a few more before that happens…

4 thoughts on “Dragonfly Potholders

    1. I interesting in all the years I’ve been making potholders I never did that before. Somehow these just lent themselves to the shape so well.

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