Bedlam Farm’s Spring Residents

I have no doubt the animals know it’s the Vernal Equinox, even if not by that name and in the way we do.

To welcome in the Spring our resident Canada Geese are back at Bedlam Farm.  With the spring melt, the water is high in the marsh behind the farm and the birds are taking advantage of it.  The mallards couple comes and goes, but this goose couple has made its nest here for the past three years at least.

Last year I wrote about the lone goose I saw, thinking that maybe it had lost its mate.  Then the female and chicks appeared.

And now they’re back to do it again.

They didn’t seem bothered enough by me to fly away.  And they seem to know that Fate isn’t interested in them.  I like to think we’re getting to know and trust each other.

I don’t know exactly where they make their nest, but I’ll keep an eye out for them this year, now that I know they’re our seasonal residents.

6 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm’s Spring Residents

  1. It’s so nice to finally hear the birds again. They just started their morning chirping here yesterday morning. I’ve seen one cardinal, but no robins yet. When we lived in Mississauga for 22 years, the same (I think) pair of mallard ducks landed in our backyard pool every year for a rest on their way farther north. They’d stay and play in the muddy water on top of the pool cover for a couple of days, then off they’d fly. It was great for the kids to be able to watch them from the second storey windows. And then there was the year a pair of racoons and their four babies decided to climb the old-fashioned TV tower to try and make a home for themselves by tearing into the shingles and plywood! It sounded like humans marching around on the roof! The whole family scampered down the tower again when we threw apples up on the roof (we carefully did not hit any of the cheeky critters 🙂 in the middle of the night. The old TV tower which we didn’t need because we had cable TV by then was dismantled in short order the next day!

  2. Our Canada geese have finally left. It was so cold and windy I saw them heading south, rather than north. I thought they were going to Cancun for Spring break.

  3. I love this video! We had a warm first day of Spring, but we have not had your snow yet today (March 22). Most of it’s supposed to stay East of our Finger Lakes region. So glad that your geese made it back!

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