The Bluish-Green Paint Flecked Egg

Jon likes his hard boiled eggs cold.  Since the hens have begun laying again,(two a day) I cook both eggs in the morning, put one in the fridge for Jon the next day and eat mine hot and juicy.

When I took Jon’s cold egg from yesterday, out of the fridge, I saw the tiniest blueish-green spot on it.  The same color as the walls in our kitchen.

A fleck of paint stuck to the egg.

I’m not sure how it got there.  I can come up with some ideas, but they don’t really make sense.

I thought it interesting enough to take a picture of with my micro lens (I love how you can see the pitted texture of the egg)  so it seems like something to pay attention to.

Of course the egg is the perfect symbol for the first day of spring.  And then there’s the whole story, true or not, about an egg being able to stand on end, at noon, on the Vernal Equinox.

I think I’ll take it  as an affirmation that it is a good day to celebrate with a bon fire, hamburgers and a shot of sherry, like we did on the Winter Solstice.

When I first mentioned the idea to Jon yesterday, he grumbled about it.

I understood.

He was coming home from a three day trip to  Brooklyn and was tired.   I had a nightmare about the vernal equinox, he texted me from the train,  something about a bon fire and hamburgers.  There were chills, blisters, fleeing donkeys and blowing sparks.

But this morning the chop meat is defrosting on the kitchen counter and on the way back from the postoffice Jon filled up the gas can so we can start the bon fire.

Can a tiny fleck of bluish-green paint on a hard boiled egg really hold  any meaning?

Probably not, but then, us humans subscribe meaning to stranger things.  I can think of lots of holiday and religious traditions that make no more sense than my bluish-green paint flecked egg.


2 thoughts on “The Bluish-Green Paint Flecked Egg

  1. You probably already know this but the pitted texture is the air holes that allow oxygen to enter the egg so the chick can breathe – it is how the closed system is open to the influx of air. Pretty cool!!

    1. Oh Kristin, I had no idea. I never even notice the holes till I took this picture. That’s one of those wonders that is right in front of my that took me 55 years to see. Thank you!

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