Katz n Wulf On Bedlam Farm. Our New Podcast

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It’s being a regular on Jon’s radio show, Talking to Animals that made me believe that he and I could create a podcast together.

Yesterday we sat at Jon’s desk in his study and did a test run.  We set up an account on Zoom.com, sat in front of the microphone that Jon uses to create the audio spots on his blog and talked to each other about the new podcast.

It felt to me as natural as any of our conversations.  And when Jon posted it on his blog, we got a lot of good feedback.

We always knew what we wanted the podcast to be about.

Once a week, for about 20 minutes we’ll be talking to each other about what’s happening at Bedlam Farm.  We’ll talk about what’s new with the animals, what I’m working on and what Jon’s writing about.  Similar to our blogs, but with this new medium of using our voices, our conversation spontaneously leading us from one thing to another and to places we might not have expected to go.

We’re working with a Podcast designer and Chris Archibee, the creative consultant at our web designer Mannix Marketing.  They’re helping with the technical part and both think our vision for the podcast is a good one.

I believe Jon has a little more confidence in the podcast than I do.  Mostly because, having worked in TV and radio,  he has more experience with the spoken word.

This is a new medium for me and one I haven’t always been comfortable with.

But after doing an interview with Thomas Toscano, Jon’s co-host on Talking to Animals, about my work and then being on Jon’s the radio show, I’ve found that it comes kind of naturally and I enjoy it.

Which is a bit of a surprise for me, because the thought of talking in front of a room full of people terrifies me.  The good thing about doing a podcast, is I never have to look at the people who are listening.  And it’s essentially a conversation between me and Jon, a format I’m very comfortable with.

We’re calling the podcast Katz n’ Wulf on Bedlam Farm.  We got the idea to use our last names in the title from one of Jon’s blog readers.  I like the play on words and think it’s important to have “Bedlam Farm” in the title.

We don’t have a launch date yet, but we did do a test run, partially to test the sound since we’ll be recording from Jon’s office, but also for us  to get a feel for what it will be like to do something like this and to see how it comes across to the listeners.

I see creating a podcast as a new medium for expressing my creativity.   Even though our subject matter often overlaps, Jon and I have never worked collaboratively in this way.  So that’s new too.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress.  In the mean time, you can click here to hear the test run of Katz n Wulf on Bedlam Farm on Jon’s blog.



8 thoughts on “Katz n Wulf On Bedlam Farm. Our New Podcast

  1. I love the title of your podcast. Perfect! I’ll be curious to watch how this all goes for you as I’ve been contemplating starting a podcast myself.
    Looking forward to your episodes! Good luck.

    1. It’s seems pretty simple Barbara and we’re getting a good response. I think it would be good for you from what I know about you and your workshops.

  2. Thank you for the lovely feedback, Maria. I’m giving thought to it being about the importance of the inward journey…through animal wisdom, oracles, dreams, creativity, etc. and I want to interview women who have made, and continue to, honor this journey. I have you on my list of women I’d love to interview if you’d be up for that.

    1. That sound really wonderful Barbara. And I’d love to be interviewed by you and listen to your podcast. It sound to me like something a lot of the people who read my blog would like.

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