New Spring Potholders For Sale In My Etsy Shop

A few Spring Potholder for sale in my Etsy Shop.

This is my fourth batch of Spring Potholders.  I made five of them, but sold one before it was done.

My Spring Potholders keep evolving.  I loved making all the swirling, curling vines and flowers. I stitched these on a cut up vintage cotton tablecloth.  The potholder on the top right even has some the embroidery from the tablecloth in it.

My Spring Potholders are $25 each.  Shipping is $5 no matter how many you buy.  You can buy them in my Etsy Shop, fullmoonfiberart.  Just click here or on the Shop Etsy button below.

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2 thoughts on “New Spring Potholders For Sale In My Etsy Shop

  1. I love the swirlies too and I would love to see the mystery snails in there! What a lovely swirling spiral their shells would be.

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