Thirty Second Meditation. Purple Thread

I saw the purple thread strung on the stalk of a weed growing in the woods and knew it came from me.  I’m always trailing threads and have no doubt I left this one behind on one of my previous walks.

I know I leave evidence of me in the woods, smells, footprints, there’s a crows feather stuck in the bark of the Shag Bark Hickory I always visit and an earring and a bone I left in the hollow of a tree as an offering.

But I didn’t expect to see something so obvious of me, as the purple thread.

I took this slow motion video of the thread, which is only about two inches long, caught in a breeze.


2 thoughts on “Thirty Second Meditation. Purple Thread

  1. Maria This is like the outdoor art exhibit they had in Santa Monica where there was a network of different colored yarns suspended above the promenade attached to an overhead net and it was so beautiful!

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