Talking To Animals, Fate, Bud and The Radio Show

Fate’s enthusiasm sometimes gets the best of her.  She gets so excited she doesn’t know what to do.  Unlike Bud, whose  passion for food keeps him focused.

On Friday night Jon and I call Bingo at The Mansion, Assisted Living Facility.  Last week Jon bought a whistle to blow when someone won a game.  We found that Bud came running when we blew the whistle.

So we immediately reinforced Buds coming to the whistle with a treat.  Now he associates the sound with food.

I imagine if he’s found something really disgusting and smelly to eat, he might not respond, but so far he’s come every time.

We talked about the whistle and training Bud on  Jon’s Radio show, Talking To Animals  last week.  I’ll be calling into the show again this week.   I did an experiment  visualizing with the hens, inspired by our talk on the last show.  So I’ll be telling that story on the show and whatever else comes up.

My being the Roving Correspondent on Talking To Animals has  inspired for the Podcast, Katz n Wulf On Bedlam Farm,  that Jon and I are working on.  We’ll be talking about a wider variety of things on the podcast.

But that’s just how creativity works.  One thing leads to another, you just have to do the work and  trust it.

You can live stream  Talking To Animals here, it’s on today from 1-3pm on WBTN AM Radio. You can also call in  at  802 442-1010, or 866 406-9286 and talk to Jon with your questions and ideas about animals.

2 thoughts on “Talking To Animals, Fate, Bud and The Radio Show

  1. Much to my frustration, I have not been able to listen to your Wednesday program. I help with a dementia-friendly senior citizen choir, and the rehearsals and concerts are on Wednesday afternoon. I have tried to listen in the evening a few times, but so far with no luck. Iseem to end up at a point where I have to load Flash, and Apple denies the ability to use Flash on their computers. I am hoping that sometime I’ll find an archive of all the programs, and I’ll binge one whole weekend!

    With that frustration voiced, you can well imagine I can hardly wait for the podcast! Jon mentioned it will be 20 minutes but I hope you can lengthen it. Twenty minutes will fly! I qish I could have heard your story about visualization with the chickens. I have been trying to meld my mind with my dog Tucker. I think its working!!

    Happy spring!

    1. I Think so many people will be able to listen with the Podcast Susie. The radio station, even live streaming or listening to their podcasts have some problems.

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