Catching Up

Fate and Bud waiting for me at the Post Office

It’s been a day of catching up.

Catching up on my paperwork and banking.  Paying bills, packing up and shipping out my “Spring” quilt to it’s new home, and mailing some pillows I made a while ago for Linda.  Doing the blogging I didn’t get to yesterday.

In a little while I’ll be on my way to bellydancing class.

One of my teachers, Julz, is starting something new in April.  A warm-up class that’s open to the public. So we’ve been warming up before class to dance music, using some bellydance steps and whatever else Julz comes up with.

It’s a work out and I’m completely enjoying it.  It adds 15 minutes onto the class and has me sweating and breathing hard before bellydancing class even beings.  It’s like scribbling on a big piece of newsprint with a piece of charcoal before a life drawing class.

But by the time I get home, I’m too tired to work, so I’m making sure I get all my email and blogging done before I go.  It forces me to quilt work early for the night.

Fate and Bud came to the post office with me today.  Bud weaseled his way onto the front seat where Fate usually sits.  She was pretty good about it, even if she would rather not share.

My latest quilt called “Spring”.

7 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Can’t help but notice a ‘changed’ Bud. He looks like a different soul from when you first shared photos. His eyes are full of happiness, love and the anticipation of mischievous fun on the near horizon. He appears to me to not only be infatuated with his life, but also appreciative of the wonderous change in his world since being in your and Jon’s life. I am happy for all of you…life IS good!

    1. That’s really lovely to hear Sue. It’s not as easy to see when it happens so gradually. But he does seem like a very happy and confident dog these days.

  2. As my sister, Marion, would have said about your photo of Fate & Bud, “Beautiful cupcakes!”
    I sure miss her.

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