Gloria, The Sad Succulent

Jon holding our rescue succulent “Gloria” in the car on the way home.

One of the reasons I was up so late making potholders yesterday was that Jon’s computer had a virus and I went with him to bring it to be fixed.

He was coming home after doing his radio show in Bennington (which is about 45 minutes away) then had to leave right away to go back to Bennington, to bring his computer to Browns Computer Shop before it closed.

It was a lot of driving in such a short amount of time and I knew he’s appreciate my doing some of it.  I know I would have.

So, after dropping the computer of,  we stopped at Petco to get some dog treats.  Because our dog never have enough treats.

Jon did the shopping while I looked at the lizards and fish.  That’s when I saw the sad succulent.

It was on the bottom shelf, hardly visible, surrounded by four or five other plants, all of them looking pretty pathetic.

But one, called out to me.

It’s root ball was perched on top of the soil, the tips of its thick leaves flat and withered.  I wondered why  the sad succulents weren’t on sale.  I would have taken them all home.

As Jon  passed by me, his arms full of dog treats, on his way to the register, I held the small succulent out to him.

“It’s a rescue succulent” I said,  “It needs us.”

“What should we call him”, Jon asked me as we walked to the car,  the succulent zipped up under my jacket to keep it warm.  The name Gloria popped into my head.  I was planning on putting her in a pot with some of my other cactus, but I could see that Jon was growing attached to her.

In the car Jon poured some water in her pot.  “Make sure she doesn’t pee on you,” I said, knowing well how water will  quickly drain out of the bottom of a dry plant.

At home, I dug Gloria’s roots back into the soil and gave her lots of water.  Then I put her on the windowsill in Jon’s office.  The one that gets full  and direct afternoon sunlight.

She’s there now, settling in and getting used to have her roots back in the ground, in her new home.

9 thoughts on “Gloria, The Sad Succulent

  1. I’ve fallen in love with succulents the past few years. Just repotted all of mine. But they need regular watering, people! Thanks for rescuing Gloria.

  2. Some years ago my husband brought home a 9″ high Pampus Grass pot plant he found discarded on a rubbish heap behind one of the campus dormitories. “It is so withered and sad” he said. Well, we bought another one to keep it company and planted them in the front yard. They are now enormous and. have been divided twice–the spares being given to neighbors.

    Whenever one of our porch or house plants dies it does give a sad little tug to the emotions.

    We are too old for much gardening now and have a professional company come by 4 times a year. The same man, Mike, tends our long rose hedge and he came crowing with delight a few days ago–he had three unnamed Rugosas to fill in gaps; no charge for these plants as their labels had been lost.

    There is a certain kind of person, and my husband and and I like to fit into this group, who think of plants as friends as well as useful or ornamental objects. We planted our older shrubs over 20 years ago when we moved here and greet their Renaissance with joy each new Spring.

    Sorry for such a long post but your entry really got to me!

    1. I love reading about you and your husband and your plant friends Erika. It’s just how I feel about plants inside the house and outside. I realized the other day that in 6 of the houses I’ve lived in or worked on, I’ve planted trees. I never really thought of it before, but it makes me happy to realize that I’ve done that.

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