Mystery Snails, Elegant Dancers

My Mystery Snail, Socrates,

Our Mystery snails behave differently from the  Nerite snails we have in our tank.  The Nerite snails are more compact, their bodies occupy more space inside their shells than out.

The Mystery snails are more expressive,  stretching and extending their bodies like elegant dancers.

We now have four  Mystery Snails, including Junior, the baby snail that just appeared in the tank.  The tree new snails have blueish-gray shells and black velvety bodies.  They’re really beautiful, but I think because they’re new to the tank they don’t move around as much yet.

I did get the video below of one of the new Mystery Snails and a Nerite snail eating.  You can see their little mouths moving and the thousands of teeth scraping the algae off the glass.


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