Our Seasonal Barn Cats


For the past few days, since the beginning of Spring, the cats haven’t wanted to come in the house.

I put the cushions back on the bench on the back porch.  I caught Flo sleeping in the shelter and warmth of the woodbox one afternoon.  And both cats are spending the early part of the day in and on top of the wooden crate, facing the morning sun.

Tonight they relented.  It’s raining and damp out. They both ran to the basement door, and I fed them inside.  Tonight they’ll curl up together in one of the cat beds.

Tomorrow morning the cats will run outside willingly.  It’s going to be in the 60’s.  By the afternoon, Minnie will find shade under the bench on the back porch and Flo will move to the from porch.

Soon they won’t want to come back into the house at all.

4 thoughts on “Our Seasonal Barn Cats

  1. Maria, I just saw Jon’s post about your boots–they are sure lovely ones, which made me think that I see photos of boots turned into planters–maybe another idea for them? Just an idea.

    1. They’re already gone Melissa. And I’ve never really liked the look of plants in boots. Makes me think of a garbage dump somehow.

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