Shifting Goddess

I’ve been seeing her for a while now.   A shifting image of a goddess.

I see doilies and fabric, layered and sewn together.  Black marker too. Other things I can’t imagine yet.   It’s really more of a feeling than a complete image.

I know there’s no more thinking to do.   Now the physical work needs to begin.

I’m always a little tentative when I begin working on something new like this.  A little afraid that I won’t be able to work the materials to convey what I’m imagining, what I’m feeling.

But she’s been rattling around inside of me for so long now, if I don’t being soon, I’ll lose her completely.

Today I went through my stash of old quilts.  So the first step was easy.  I knew immediately when I saw the quilt it was the right one, holes and all.

Long and narrow, she said to me.  And I cut a third of the quilt off and trimmed the bottom till it was the right size.

I sewed an old pillowcase onto the top edge and stitched from end to end,  to make a sleeve to hang the quilt piece from.

But that’s as far as I got, savoring the success of the first step.  A little worried to take the next one.

It’ll come.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that. One day very soon, maybe even Monday, I’ll walk into my studio and won’t be able to do anything else.

I’ll empty my boxes of doilies and linens, scour my shelves, tins and boxes.  And I’ll find the piece of fabric, the doily, the lace or the tattered embroidery that will inspire me to take the next step.

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