Sad Succulent Rescue Continued….


I woke up Saturday morning thinking about Gloria, the sad succulent and the other succulents we left on the bottom shelf at Petco.   I kept imagining them tossed in a dumpster, covered in garbage.

Jon was as into it as I was (he even wrote about it on his blog).

So we got up early, instead of lounging around in bed, like I prefer to do on Saturday morning, and headed to Bennington Vermont.  We did stop for breakfast on the way, but when we got to Petco, the plants were just as we left them on Thursday.  Jon negotiated with the Manager and we got them all for half price.

Now all the sad succulents are spreading their roots together in a nutrient rich environment, with lots of water and love.

Gloria and her succulent friends, sharing a pot with some of my cactus.


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