My Husband The Smurf?


The photo of took of Jon looking like a Smurf that he mentioned in my Monday Morning Video

It was the way Jon’s hat flopped over the top of his head that made me see the Smurf in him.

But then looking at his face,  (his new roundish glasses help too) and thinking of the way he always wears blue, I saw an even greater resemblance (except for the ears).

I was never into Smurfs myself, but I had  friend who collected them.  So I saw plenty of them.

Anyway, you can decide for yourself….

A Smurf


2 thoughts on “My Husband The Smurf?

  1. I definitely prefer the spring hat! 🙂
    No hat would be preferable to the Smurf hat, but I know Jon needs to keep warm! 🙂

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