Our Bedlam Farm Potholders

Someone asked me about the potholders Jon and I have in our kitchen.  So I asked Jon to take a video of me showing them all.   Unlike the Shoemakers children, we have plenty of potholders.  Some working and some hanging around doing their own kind of work.

3 thoughts on “Our Bedlam Farm Potholders

  1. Thank you for this. I was very curious as to the potholders you used in your own kitchen. I was looking at the slots on top of your new (old) metal desk. Looks to me like your potholders would fit in there until you got them mailed out. May be a way to keep them sorted. Just a thought. God bless.

    1. Well thanks for asking Patsy. I couldn’t remember who asked about them, but it was interesting even for me to look at the potholders I have and remember their stories.

  2. Maria, your beautiful potholders brighten my lift every day! And the one of Jon just cracks me up. He sure knows how to get a point across! 🙂 Thank you.

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