Grape Hyacinth

I took this photo with my Instax camera this morning.  It was overcast, but there was still a lot of light coming in the window.  I was almost certain that the picture wouldn’t come out.  But I wanted to capture the window in an instamatic picture so badly, I tried it anyway.

When I looked at  the photo this morning after taking it, I thought it too pale.

But this afternoon I was able to see the beauty of the contrast between the softness in some parts  and  hard edges in others.  I also like the idea of the window, what can be seen and what’s obscured.  And of course, the thing that initially drew me to taking the photo, the elegance of the grape hyacinth.

4 thoughts on “Grape Hyacinth

  1. The photograph has depth in the fact that even though you took it now it reminds me of the past in the sense of looks of a bygone era. It reminds me of my Mother lovingly admiring her flowers and gazing out the window to start her day. I thank you for bringing back loving memories of her.

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