Some Of My Potholder In Their New Homes



Hen Potholder in Cathy’s Kitchen, with her dog.

When I put any of my work in the mail and send it off to its new home,  I always wish it well and don’t expect to see it again.

But sometimes the people who buy my art send me pictures of it in their homes.  I always love that.  It’s so nice to see where they landed and to know that the people who own them appreciate them.

I like to think of my potholders being used, although I know not all of them lift hot pots off the stove.  And I understand and appreciate that too.

Christine recently sent me a message saying that she’s been using the potholders she bought from me seven years ago and they’re still in great shape.  That makes me really happy to hear too.

The Dragonfly Potholder that Beth bought from me. She said it was special to her for many reasons.


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