An Afternoon With The Sheep, Donkeys and Dogs

Bud and Biddy.  I was sitting on the ground and Lulu came over for some company when I saw Bud and Biddy going at it.

Jon and have figured out how to separate Zelda and Griselle from the other sheep so we can feed them grain.

It wouldn’t be healthy to give the other sheep grain this time of year, they get enough nutrition from the grass and hay.  But Zelda and Griselle are old and are having a harder time eating and keeping weight on.  We couldn’t see how skinny they had become until we had them shorn.

To separate them, we get all the sheep in the pole barn then open the gate letting out all the sheep but Zelda and Griselle.  Hopefully, when they understand they’re getting grain everyday, they’ll hang back from the other sheep and it will make everything easier for all of us.

After graining the two of them this afternoon, Jon and I spent some time in the pasture with the sheep and donkeys and dogs.

My sheep Suzy,  was enjoying my scratching her back, when  Bud came over and started sniffing at her, they even touched noses ( I think Jon got pictures of that).   Then Suzy started wiggling her butt at Bud and he responded by sniffing that.

When Suzy laid down next to me, Bud sat next to her.  I could swear I was watching a budding romance.

But Bud soon got distracted by Biddy who, for some reason,  he just had to try to chase.  Biddy wasn’t in the mood.  They got in each others face and eventually ran Bud off.


Bud and Biddy framed by Lulu.


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