Behind The Goddesses Head, The Spaces Between The Stars

I worked on my fiber painting today.   I filled in all the spaces between and around the stars behind her head with the back striped fabric I got from the same quilt.

Then I stitched her head onto the backing.  I hand stitched it all and by the end of the day, my mind was fuzzy with the repetitive work.

When ever I do this kind of repetitive “women’s work”  I think of Martha Ballard.

I read the book based on her diary called  The Midwife’s Tale: the Life of Martha Ballard Based on  Her Diary 1785-1812, years ago.  But I still remember how bored she was with house hold chores, especially weaving. (It wasn’t the creative kind of weaving, she was weaving yards and yards of linen to make clothes from)  She always preferred to be out doctoring rather than staying home.   She delivered many babies, but took care of anyone who was sick riding miles to get to them day or night and staying with someone for days if necessary.

After I finished all the sewing,  I started to think about how I might create the goddesses hands. I’m thinking of some simple stitched black lines to delineate her fingers which will rest on her hips.

This is what the quilt behind the goddesses head looked like before I filled in the spaces between the stars.


6 thoughts on “Behind The Goddesses Head, The Spaces Between The Stars

    1. No Fran, I don’t see eyelashes on her. I just looked up Antheia, this is the first time of heard of her. It’s always good to meet a new goddess.

  1. I never would have said this forty years ago, but I find repetitive household chores calming and fulfilling. Something about a clean floor or a pile of folded laundry now seems like a noble task. Probably because my house had become a pigsty in recent years.
    I am creating a neat and inviting home. If I live that long. Hercules cleaned the Aegean stables in less time than this mess will take me.

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