My Goddesses Hands

Yesterday, before leaving my studio, I did some quick drawings of what I thought my goddesses hands might look like.  I knew where they would be on her, but I couldn’t see them on the actual piece.

This morning I went into my studio, looked at my goddess and saw her hands, as if they were drawn on her already.

It was kind of amazing, because I had been looking for her hands for so long and just couldn’t see them. Yet, they were there all along.

I had removed some of the fabric from the areas of the original quilt that became my goddesses arms, so I had to replace that with the same fabric that made up the rest of her arm.  There’s plenty of the striped fabric on the original quilt, so I cut a couple of pieces off of it and removed the top piece of fabric.

I hand stitched the missing pieces of striped fabric,  then using my sewing machine, drew my goddesses hands.

After that,  I sewed on her pubic triangle with a flower (that was made by Veronica’s Grandmother) vulva-like in the center.   I still have to stitch on the pansy chain around her triangle and I do have an idea for what happens after that…

I hope to work on her again tomorrow.

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