Spring, Donkey Madness

I was in my studio working when I heard the bray.

It sounded different than the way the donkeys usually bray.   Then I remembered it, I hadn’t heard it all winter.   It was the bray  Fanny and Lulu make when they’re in donkey madness, chasing each other around, kicking their back legs, humping each other and scaring the sheep.

So I ran outside to watch them and take a video.

5 thoughts on “Spring, Donkey Madness

  1. Oh my God, I don’t think I even knew that the donkeys could be so graceful and swift. And very much fun to watch. I just read Jon’s latest post about Red and I needed that to lighten my heart. Thank you. Animals just bring us the gift of a full range of heartfelt emotion. They are such gifts.

  2. Maria, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your artwork and your videos of the animals.
    It always brightens my day!

  3. How wonderful. That is how spring makes us feel. I never realized donkeys could be so carefree!
    They were pretending to herd the sheep!

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