Our Sycamore, Spreading Her Roots

Jon and I planted our Sycamore Tree today.  And of course Jon was out there watering it again this evening.

“Never was there made
a shade of a plant
dear and loving,
or more gentle.”
Thanks to Mary Elaine, for sending me these lyrics to Handel’s aria “Ombra Mai Fu” from his opera, Serse.  It’s about a Sycamore Tree.

4 thoughts on “Our Sycamore, Spreading Her Roots

  1. Such a beautiful poem. Sycamore trees are the east to me. I left it when I was little and the leafy trees are so magical. And those of you that stay through the harsh winters truly own the beauty because you stay for the whole enchilada.

    I am looking forward to watching it grow.

  2. Sycamore trees are beautiful. We had one once in our front yard. It must have been about seventy years old and it was enormous. One branch was so large it extended all the way across the street. Unfortunately it was so low that kids on bikes or skateboards could have been killed. We had to remove that tree for safety’s sake. Eventually the old tree got sick and had to be removed which was a mammoth problem. I had a ceremony with some of my friends and their children. It was a going away ceremony,
    Later on I read about Sycamores and found out that they really don’t belong in the city as they are too large and grow best in areas where there is water. Maria’s mention about seeing them when she was younger, growing in areas that were more wild and had more water in those areas than we see in the city’s today.
    I wish your Sycamore a long and healthy life where it can be admired and give leafy shade to those who come by.

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