Drawing Class At The Mansion

Peggy and her drawing from the still life I brought to The Manson.

Yesterday I went to The Mansion Assisted Living Facility to have my monthly art class.  I set up another still life with some books and teacups, the wooden sculpture that I’m  working on, and the Hen Pincushion that Jane McMillen gave me.

Earlier in the day, there was a fire drill and most of the residents who usually come to the art class were too tired to show up.  But Peggy was there.  She loves to draw and paint and she did a great job of getting the feeling of the still life and picking out the detail that were important to her.

She captured the attitude of the Hen Pincushion perfectly.

Alice and Jane came to sit with us even though they didn’t want to do any drawing.  So we had a good conversation, Alice telling us about her 12 children and Jane telling the story of how her father was so nice that all the kids in the neighborhood called him dad.

Sometimes I go to The Mansion and there’s barely enough seats around the table for everyone to come to my class who wants too.  Other times no one shows up.

I don’t take it personally anymore, although it took me a while to get used to it and understand it had little to do with me.

I like the idea of bringing the people who show up to my class what they need and want,  not what I want to give them.  So if it’s about making something, that’s great.  If it’s about sitting around talking and listening, and enjoying each others company,  that’s just as good.

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