Two Spring Quilts For Ellen

When Ellen saw the Spring quilt that I made for Becca to give to her mother, she wanted it and another similar to it.

But since it was already sold,  Ellen asked if I’d make her two more with my idea of Spring colors.  I’ve made quilts for Ellen before.   One Christmas I made quilts for all her children.  And a few months ago I made a quilt for her to replace the one that was put in the washer by mistake.  (I make all of  Ellen’s quilts with fluffy 100% wool batting so it can’t be washed in a machine).

I like working with Ellen.  As a writer she understands the creative process and allows me the freedom to do my work.

Today I started on the first quilt for Ellen.

I had a linen with two hand embroidered orange flowers on it, so I’m going to use one in each quilt.  I’m also saving some of the smaller scraps that I used so far for the second quilt too.  Of course, they won’t be the same, but they will have some of the same fabric in them and similar colors.

This is as far as I got today.  There’s still plenty to do, but it’s a good start.

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