Katz n Wulf On Bedlam Farm Podcast #6, Our Journey to See The Giant Octopuses

Bud and a very sultry  Suzy touching noses. Photo by Jon Katz

I’ve been wanting to see the giant Octopuses at the New England Aquarium since I read Sy Montgomery’s book The Soul of an Octopus, last year.

So on Sunday, Jon and I are going to Boston to see Freyer and The Professor, the two octopuses in residence.

We thought talking about how even though octopuses are so different than us, they can relate to humans much as our dogs and cats do, would make a good podcast.  So we sat down in Jon’s office this morning and recorded our 6th Podcast.

Somehow, the conversation went off topic to how Bud and my Border Leicester, Suzy are having a spring time romance.  Then it moved onto Jon’s and my dispute about stacking dishes. I think,(I haven’t listened back to it yet) in the end we brought it back to our trip to the Aquarium.

We’re still waiting for Apple to approve our podcast, Katz n Wulf On Bedlam Farm so it can go up on iTunes and Google, but for now you can listen to it by clicking here. 


3 thoughts on “Katz n Wulf On Bedlam Farm Podcast #6, Our Journey to See The Giant Octopuses

  1. Awwwww, this is just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! Love it! Can you imagine? You could name their imaginary offspring ‘Budlamb of Bedlam’! :)
    As always, you’ve given me lots to think about regarding octopuses! Can’t say I have EVER given an ocotopus one second of attention and have pretty much always thought of them as some villanous creatures of the sea only to be feared and avoided. Your weekend trip sounds fascinating. Have a great time!

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