Katz and Wulf On Bedlam Farm, Now On iTunes

What the Katz and Wulf Podcast looks like on my iPhone

Some mornings I wake up to Jon watching a video on his phone.  Other times it’s the news or a new Netflix show.   This morning I woke up to Jon listening to his and my voice on our Podcast Katz and Wulf On Bedlam Farm.

“We’re up on iTunes”, Jon said, as I struggled to open my eyes, he had been up since 3am.

I watched as Jon pulled up our podcast on the app on his iPhone. We kept waiting to get an email from Apple saying our podcast  was approved, then Jon decided to just check on the app, and there it was.

We listened to the whole thing as we lay in bed.  “Oh I’m sorry”, I said, “I kept cutting you off. It’s just that I was excited.”  Jon just shrugged as if he was used to it.  “I know how to get my say in,”  he said.

Not everyone  appreciates when I get excited over the little things like Jon does.  He sees it as an infectious passion for life (bless him).

Honestly, I was a little embarrassed listening back to the podcast.  I still expect to be told to “calm down” when I’m spouting  so enthusiastically.    That’s how my excitement was so often met in the past.

We just need to be ourselves Jon keeps saying about the podcast.  But then, he likes me the way I am.

So the podcast has just become another way for me to accept myself.  This is who I am .  I get excited reading about  octopuses or watching beetles mating on a rotting deer hoof in the woods. (I saw that on yesterday’s walk in the woods).

I  learned to say to myself “That’s what I look like”  when I see all the pictures Jon posts of me on his blog.

So… this is who I am,  that’s what I look like and now, this is what I sound like.  At  55 years old, I get the opportunity to know and love something new about myself.

You can find the first four podcasts of Katz and Wulf On Bedlam Farm (and every one we do after that) on the apple podcast app on your iPhone or you can click here to listen to them on Spreaker.



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  1. Dear Maria, I’m excited to try downloading your podcasts from I Tunes!! I certainly enjoyed your segments on “Talking to Animals” and learned so much from the radio show.

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