“I Am Enough” Poster and Postcards

I Am Enough Poster

I don’t remember who suggested making my fabric painting, I Am Enough into a poster, but it was a good idea.  (Thank you!)

I asked Sara Kelly to help with the design and she did a great job as usual.  I’m only changing one thing on this version.  I like the lettering, but want it to be solid not mottled.  I feel like there’s enough texture in the fabric painting.

I still have to get the final version from Sara then have the poster printed up.  They’ll be the same size as my Show Your Soul posters, 11×17.  I’m also going to make them into postcards.

I think this is a message that needs to go out into the world.  When we feel good about and accept ourselves for who we are, I believe we will then be able to do good in the world in our own unique ways.

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