Walking In The Woods, Ticks and Skunk Cabbage

It was two days ago that I took my last walk, off the path, in the woods.  I came back crawling with ticks and know that this time of year the woods belongs to them, not me.

I did bring the owl eggs, that I found in our barn,  with me and left them at the roots of the giant Shag Bark Hickory that I always visit.  I’m sure they’ll be long gone by the time I get back to the tree in the fall.

On my walk I came across this seed pod, that had fallen from a tree and was stuck on a strand of spider web.  The way the wind was blowing it, circling around me, coming straight at me then jerking quickly away,  it almost felt like it knew I was there, knew I was paying attention to it.  Like it was teasing me.

The strength of the spider’s web astonished me.  At one point I held the seeds in my hand, but the web didn’t lose it grip or break.

I will miss walking off the trail in the woods, but am so fortunate to have those trails to walk on.

One of the paths borders a swamp for a bit.  It’s such a primal things, filled with peepers and skunk cabbage, ferns and mosses.  The mosquitos aren’t out yet, so I was able to find a dry place to stand and appreciate it for a while.

The Skunk Cabbage are sprouting leaves and flowers.  I got this photo of one today.

Skunk Cabbage flower in the swamp along the path in the woods.

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