Zelda And Griselle Are Doing Well

Griselle and Zelda, sharing a bucket of grain.  You can see their round bellies.

The grain is working.  Zelda and Griselle are fattening up.

They were so skinny just weeks ago.  They’re both old and so not able to chew the hay as well (Zelda has only a couple of teeth left). They both lost a lot of weight over the winter. We couldn’t see how skinny they were till they were shorn.

Liz Willis, our shearer suggested giving them grain and seeing if that would help. And it has.

At first it was hard to separate Zelda and Griselle from the rest of the flock, but now they walk right into the barn when they see us in the afternoon.

The other sheep don’t follow them.   We close the barn gates and let the two old sheep feast.

Griselle also stopped limping just a few days after Liz trimmed her hooves and cut out an infection.

You can see Fanny waiting outside the gate in the background.  She was just a little annoyed that she wasn’t getting any grain.

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