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Still Life of Stuff on my Desk (the rock was painted by Alice Brock).

Jon called it “head tired” and those are exactly the words to describe what I’ve been feeling.  Tomorrow we’re driving  to Boston to see the Octopuses at the New England Aquarium and as much as I’m looking forward to seeing them, I’m also looking forward to getting away.

(Jon and I did a podcast earlier in the week about our trip, you can listen to it here or on iTunes, just search for Katz and Wulf on Bedlam Farm).

Usually I don’t go on-line on Saturdays, but this is my sign-off post.  I won’t be back till Monday night or maybe even Tuesday.

I’d like to say I’m taking two whole days off, but right now I’m feeling like I might not be able to do that.  Because I feel like taking pictures and blogging has become a bit of an obsession for me.  If I’m going  to be obsessed, I think my work is a good thing to be obsessed with.  It keeps me engaged and productive.

But that feeling of being “head tired” comes from the same place.

I need to stop.  To put away my camera and computer away,  and just be.

I know I’m going to want to take pictures and maybe a video of the Octopuses at the aquarium, but I also want to just be able to just watch them.  To spend time seeing them, without the urge to have to capture what I’m experiencing in a million pictures.

This is one of the difficulties that can occur when the boundaries between my life and art are so fluid.  But I’m getting a very clear message from my brain and body, to give them some space.  I’m even having a hard time getting my thoughts straight to write this, so I know I need some time off.

Hopefully I’ll be back on Tuesday, but you never know I might not be able to fight the urge to post a video or photo on Monday night.

I took this video of the animals going out to the back pasture this morning, I just couldn’t resist…

6 thoughts on “Octopuses, Art, Life, Blogging and Obsession

  1. That rock intrigues me. So, who is Alice Brock? How did you come to have this? Have a great few days. I think you’ll love the Octopuses and will probably snap a pic or video. Whatever you choose will be just fine. No judge. No guilt. No worries. Try to relax and just be. Remember, truly, You are enough. Love, Cindy

  2. I went to France in 2012 and did not take one photo – because I wanted to really see what I was seeing without looking through a camera. I took tons of photos in Ireland in 2002 and rarely look at them

    1. I never took pictures till I got my blog Kathryn, I always felt the same as you about them. I have noticed when I have taken pictures I tend to remember them instead of the experience.

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