Back From The New England Aquarium, Our New Podcast: Search For An Octopus

I didn’t take many photos at the New England Aquarium, I was too much into watching them.   But Jon took a few really great pictures, mostly of the Octopus that we saw there.

We did a podcast last night, while the trip was still fresh in our minds, talking about our thoughts from what we saw and experienced.  I was inspired creativity from many of the animals we saw, but mostly by the Octopus and Jellyfish.

When I think of being there I don’t remember how crowded or noisy it was.  I was surprised when I watched this video that I took of the Jellyfish how loud it was. The whole experience was really very peaceful.  In my memory, it was much more visually noisy than audibly.

You can listen to Jon’s and my conversation about our trip to the New England Aquarium here on Spreaker, or you can find it on iTunes or Google.  Just search for our podcast  Katz and Wulf On Bedlam Farm.  The name of our latest podcast is, Search For an Octopus:Journey To Boston.  A Fish Story.  

2 thoughts on “Back From The New England Aquarium, Our New Podcast: Search For An Octopus

  1. It is a profound experience for sure. I was blessed to live near the Monterey Bay aquarium, all I ever did was watch jellies and the octi (and otters)

    One day the octopus gave me a show and did everything – flirted, made itself small, blew itself up, went through holes and changed colors and showed off. It was one of the gifts of a lifetime because it was a species that is very shy.

    I could never eat one and never have, thank goodness

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