100% Wool Batting, Like Clouds of Cotton Candy

Wool batting and one quilt on the wall.  The other quilt is under the wool batting along with the quilt backing.

Working with the thick, fluffy wool batting is not as easy as using the thin cotton batting I usually put in my quilts.  But I do love the feel and smell of it.

I lay it out on the back of the quilt and backing, then pin it down and sew it around the edge using my sewing machine.   I know this isn’t how most quilts are made, but it’s how I’ve always made mine.

I’m always reminded of  looking down at the tops of clouds from inside an airplane when I lay the wool batting out on my floor. And I always imagine I’m cutting through cotton candy, without the stickiness, when I trim the uneven edges to size.

Sewing the wood batting down on my machine is slow and cumbersome, but I know from experience once the quilt is tacked with yarn, it will be puffy and fluffy, light weight, yet thick and warm.


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