Ellen’s Quilts, Fraternal Twins

Ellens Quilts

When I got close to finishing the second quilt for Ellen, this morning, I hug the first one I made,  on the wall to see what I could do to keep them somewhat consistent with each other.

The orange, green, and magenta (it almost looks black in the photo, but is a bright magenta from a pair of corduroy pants) around the edge seemed to complete tying the two together.  I also made them roughly the same size, within an inch or so of each other.

I’ve never made two quits before using a lot of the same fabric and similar colors, knowing they’ll be going on beds next to each other.

Even though they’re not  the same, they somehow seem like an inexact mirror image of each other, or maybe fraternal twins.

Now I’ll work on the backings and start putting them together…

I’m pleasantly surprised how this one came together so quickly.  A few days away from my studio and blog may have given me the rest I needed.   I think the quilts will definitely brighten any room they’re in.

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