“Living an Open Life, Blessings and Challenges”, Our Latest Podcast

The drawing I did while listening  to today’s podcast.

I wrote on my blog last week how I felt like I had the need to retreat for a while, to pull back into myself.

As wonderful as it is, and grateful I am that I’m able to do my work and live the life I choose, sometimes being so out in the public with my life and work can be overwhelming and confusing to manage.

It’s something that Jon and I talk about a lot and he writes about often on his blog.  But for me it’s a newer experience and as I change, my relationship with my blog and what it brings, changes.

I’ve also had some insights into our Bedlam Farm Open Houses, some of what they were about for me and did for me.

I wasn’t sure when we began the podcast if I was going to be able to articulate what I was feeling, but I think it comes through.  I’m sure I’ll be thinking and writing about it more as it evolves.

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  1. and when listen to the podcasts, my underlying thought was, she is so articulate. keep articulating.

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