Lone Goose, For Now

For the past few days, Wayne, the male goose has been showing up alone in the pasture.  Today he was hanging out with our sheep Izzy.  Neither of the geese are bothered by the sheep or donkeys.

I’m assuming that Ruth, the female Canada Goose, of the couple that nests at the farm every year,  is either sitting one her eggs or they have hatched and she with the chicks.  I remember last year when I first saw the lone goose in the pasture and wondered what his story was, till I saw both geese and their chicks a week or so later.

So now I’ll just watch and wait for the chicks to appear….

4 thoughts on “Lone Goose, For Now

  1. I love this picture. Those mountains in the background are marvelous. It reminds me when we lived in the foothills in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee…

    1. I’ve never been to the Smokey Mountains Rebecca, although I’ve always meant to go there and have heard so many beautiful things about them.

  2. Maria, as necessary as solitude is, required also sometimes is the presence of a kindred soul. Yet amazing how close Izzy and Wayne are, there is still space that separates. By choice, do you suppose? May I use this photo sometime for an essay? It haunts me. Thank you for this captured moment. Veronica

    1. I think thats the kind of companionship I appreciate with my dog Fate Veronica. And yes, of course you can use this photo or any of my photos anytime. I’ll be interested to read more about this idea it has spurred.

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