The Perfect Day To Garden


Jon watering the garden by the back porch.

There’s one tulip in and six daffodils in the garden by the back porch, but the other perennials are coming up.   I don’t know most of their names.   I get so many of my perennials  from local plant sales.  The kind where people dig plants from their gardens and sell them to benefit a church or library.

We get our annuals from local nurseries.  Jon likes to pick the ones he’s drawn to take pictures of.  Often petunia’s but today we also  got a  hanging basket with a strawberry plant in it.  This way the animals can’t eat the strawberries and it’s looks pretty on the porch too.

This weekend I’ll plant the flat of pansies in pots and in the gardens.

Anne, my friend and bookkeeper stopped by today to pick up paperwork.  “What good is being self- employed if we can’t garden on days like this?” she asked me.

I was thinking the same thing, yet I know she went home to do her work, just as I would go to my studio to do mine.

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