Our 8th Podcast, Being Honest: What We’ve Learned About Helping People

Screen shot of me and Jon yesterday just before making the podcast in Jon’s study.

Trying to help people, and figuring out how to best do it is something that both Jon and I have been doing for a long time.

Yesterday we made a podcast, Being Honest: What We’ve Learned About Helping People, about some of our experiences with helping others, how things can go wrong and how they can work.

When I first started making art I had a hard time understanding how what I  was doing could be helpful to others. I was drawn to the idea of public art as a way of helping people,  but not the kind of person who was good at organizing or dealing with the public.

I’ve come to believe that when we are being who we truly are and doing what is fulfilling to us,  that work in itself will make the world a better place.  And it will be helpful to people in ways we might not even imagine.

You can listen to our 8th Katz and Wulf On Bedlam Farm podcast  by clicking here . You can also find it and all our other podcasts on iTunes and Google.

Or you can click on the podcast button on the top, or bottom of my blog anytime and listen to any of the podcasts we’ve made so far.

Let us know what you think and thanks for listening…..

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