My Pink Chair


Bud making himself at home on the sheep fleece on my pink chair.

One day, sometime around my Birthday, Jack Metzger from the Antique Shop Jack’s Out Back drove up to my studio at old Bedlam Farm and dropped off a old faded  pink chair.  It was a gift from Jon.

That was over ten years ago when Jon and I were just friends.  It was just the kind of chair I would have bought for myself.  It’s the chair that Mother, our barn cat who disappeared, used to sit in, Izzy our Border Collie would sit in and then Frieda, my Rottweiler/ Shepherd mix used to sit in when it was in my old studio.

Now the pink chair is in our living room.

It’s a little more raggedy than it used to be and I’ve sewn a few patches on it.    I eat every meal while sitting in it (Jon and I have always eaten out meals in the living room).   And when I’m not sitting in it, or sometimes even when I am, Bud now likes to sleep there.

After eating dinner when I get up to clear the plates and get some tea, But jumps up into my chair as if he’s keeping it warm for me.  It only took two times of telling him to get off when I come back with tea for him to get it.

Now as soon as he sees me  Bud jumps off the chair.  But he’s right back on it as soon as I’m done with my tea.

Gus on my pink chair

7 thoughts on “My Pink Chair

  1. That chair looks very comfortable. I can see why Bud would want to snuggle up in it. Too hard to resist!

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