Ruth And Wayne’s Commitment Ceremony

Ruth and Wayne saying their vows with Jon officiating.

Ruth waited in the hallway until it was time for her to walk into the great room where Wayne and all the guests waited.

She looked like royalty in the purple outfit that Fran sent her all the way from Canada and  surrounded by the other people who live at the Mansion and the aides who work there.

It was Ruth and Wayne’s Commitment ceremony.

Jon led the ceremony, and handed out readings for the staff and friends.  I  cried reading a passage by Bob Marley about love.  The ceremony had the same feeling  and as many happy tears as any wedding.

Ruth was eager to get to the kissing and dancing.  She and Wayne sang Blue Suede Shoes, fed each other cake (with the help of Britany, one of the aides) and danced.

Love found at a point in life when many people have already given up on it.  For Wayne it was a first.  He’s never been in a committed relationship before, but now after having a stroke, being confined to a wheelchair and coming to live in The Mansion, Assisted Living Facility, he found love.

For both of them it’s companionship and love.  They’re happy just to be together, holding hands and being there for each other.




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