Emily Dickinson, Secrets Quilt Cont.


“How ya doing”, Julz asked when I walked into Bellydancing Class last night.  “Eh, I said, I’m feeling pretty blah.”  “You won’t in thirty minutes” she told me.

And I knew she was right.

It was just like I wrote yesterday, after class I was feeling great and this morning I got into my studio, wrote the last Emily Dickinson poem on the last linen and started piecing the quilt together.

I’d love to work on it more, but I got a lot of orders for my I Am Enough Posters and want to get them packed  up so I can put them in the mail tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll get back to it tonight, after dinner when it’s dark outside and all the interruptions of the day are done.

That’s always a good time to work.


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