Learning To Zill


I don’t know why it took me so long to replace the elastic on my Zills, but, I finally did.  And it makes a difference.  Now the don’t slide around my fingers so much.

I think it’s because I’m  taking Bellydancing and Zilling more serious.  And I think that’s happening because I’m going to be dancing with the Bennington Beledi Bellydancers (all those wonderful women I take classes with every week) on June 22nd at the Bennington Farmers Market.

But even before I knew I was going to do that, I began practicing Zilling every morning in my studio.

Zills are, they’re the little symbols we wear on our fingers and play when we’re dancing.  I shouldn’t really saw “we”, not yet, because I still can’t dance and Zill at the same time.

But I’m getting closer.

I guess it took me all this time to really believe that if I practiced, eventually I’d create a new track in my brian,  the Dancing and Zilling track.

So every morning before starting work in my studio for four or five minutes, I Zill and walk.  Or I Zill and move my arms up and down.  Sometimes I Zill and try to do the Bump, or Shimmy, but I’m not there yet.

I was listening to an interview with Jane Castor, the new Mayor of Tampa, Florida who used to be the police chief.  When she cut off the top of her trigger finger in an accident, she knew she could learn to shoot her gun using  her middle finger.

She said she just had to keep practicing till the muscle memory changed from one finger to the other.

She did it in a much shorter amount of time then it’s taking me to learn to Zill.   But her story was just the affirmation I needed to hear.

Last night in Bellydancing class, as we practiced our Zilling, I did better than I’ve ever done before.

I still lose my place sometimes but I’m always able to pick it up again.  It’s kind of like jumping rope when two other people are turning the rope. You just wait for the right moment to jump in.

But the really wild thing is that this goes on beyond Zilling for me.

I never believed I’d be able to Zill no matter how much everyone in my class said I’d eventually get.  I just didn’t think I had it in me to do.  So of course, this makes me believe that all those other things I never thought I could do in life, might just be possible.

I actually can’t think of what they might be right now, I’m pretty busy and can’t imagine adding something else to my life.  But now, I  do have this little twinkle of hope inside of me.  A spark of possibility, for something in the future,  I can’t even imagine yet.


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