Being Outside

The tree frog on the gate

This time of year I just want to be outside.

I spent the morning packing up and shipping out most of the orders I got last week and over the weekend for my I Am Enough posters and postcards.  I meant to get them done on Friday night, but after calling Bingo at The Mansion, (which Jon and I do most Friday nights) I realized I was worn out from the week and went to bed early.

I ran out of shipping tubes, so I couldn’t get all the posters in the mail, but I ordered more and they only take a day or two for me to get.

By the time I got back from my class at The Mansion and fed the animals, it was 4pm and too late to get into my creative head and go to my studio.  Anyway it was so beautiful out, I didn’t want to be inside anymore.

So I stacked a little more firewood and took the wooden storm windows off my studio.

Tomorrow I’ll be able to open some windows (The old School house that is my studio leans a little throwing off square some of the windows making them impossible to open) letting the fresh air in and the old winter air out.

I was careful as I carried the storm windows through the gate where a tree frog was hanging out.

I gently unlatched the chain passing it slowly and quietly over her head, trying not to startle her. (I don’t know if it’s a male or female, so I’ll call her a female)   She only moved once then settled right back down again, already used to  me and Fate going back and forth through the gate.

Such a pretty animal, I hear tree frogs all the time, along with peepers and bull frogs.  But I rarely see them unless one of the cats leave a dead one on the porch.  And I’ve never seen a tree frog here before. So it was a treat and a pleasure to be able to get so close to her, to even take some pictures and know that she was as comfortable around me as I was around her.

I plan on getting to my studio early tomorrow morning to work on my Emily Dickinson Secrets quilt.  I did get into my studio with the intention of doing some yoga, and got sidetracked by the quilt, demanding my attention.

I  moved some pieces around, placing them where I thought they looked best.  It really is like doing a puzzle that only I know what it will eventually look like.

10 thoughts on “Being Outside

  1. Thank you so much for the picture of the tree frog. I have never seen one. I love the sounds of summer and last night walking our daughter’s dog, who is staying with us for a few days, after dark in our neighborhood I heard them. I’ve always known the sound but never lucky enough to see one. Love all of your animal and nature pictures. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I’m so glad to be able to share the picture of the tree frog Patricia and that it has meaning for you. I’m imagining your walk after dark and how lovely that must be.

  2. Your frog looks so adorable. I thought at first glance that she was a little ornament because she looks so calm on the gate just chilling! You must really have a knack for all animals Maria since each and every one seem to sense your love for them. Lovely.

  3. We have a tree frog who has lived in our house all winter . He or she must have came in with a plant in the fall and we did not notice him until February when he made a trip to the sink. So he lives in the hibiscus tree and will go outside next weekend with the tree. No more trips to Petco to buy him crickets. I think he will be missed.

    1. Oh that’s great Karen! You were able to keep the frog alive though the winter. I love that he came to your sink. That’s such a great story!

  4. Thank you for your reply Maria. So very different from the little bright green tree frogs of Texas with their wide green paddle feet!

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