“No One Has To Die For Me To Be Free”, My Fabric Painting In It’s New Home


No One Has To Die For Me To Be Free

Deborah sent me this photo of my fabric painting, No One Has To Die For Me To Be Free, hanging on the wall above her bed.   She also sent me a photo without the dogs, but I thought  they were too sweet to leave out.  I love the rod she chose to hang it from. It works just right with the piece.

I love to see where my work goes.  I always feel like a mother bird, pushing her babies out of the nest, whenever I send a piece of my art out into the world.

I’ve seen reproductions of this piece, repeatedly, because I made it into note cards and used the image of the goddess to make bookmarks that I put in with each of my Etsy orders.   But seeing her tattooed face again is inspiring me to do something similar to the body of my  goddess becoming, that I found a head for yesterday.

But then, isn’t that just the way things happen….

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