Emily Dickinson Secrets Quilt, Finished

Emily Dickinson Secrets Quilt

I put the last stitch in my Emily Dickinson Secrets quilt this morning.  I got all the tacking done last night just before going to Bellydancing class.  And when I get home from Bellydancing, I’m too tired to do anything but eat and go to bed.

I also sold the quilt to the first woman who asked about it.  She knew she wanted it when I first started making it, but I always like to finish a piece before selling it.  So I gave her first choice and yesterday she wrote to me and said she wanted it.

Here’s  a photo of the back.  I couldn’t have imaged a better backing….

In the book  The Gorgeous Nothings which is a collection of images of the envelopes that Emily Dickinson’s wrote note and parts of poems on, Jan Brevin  wrote:

“These manuscripts are sometimes still referred to as “scraps” within Dickinson scholarship.  Rather one might think of them as the sort of  “small fabric”  Dickinson writes of in one corner of  [a]  large envelope interior.”

” When we  say small we often mean less.  When Dickinson says small, she means fabric, atoms, and the North Star.”

This is what Emily Dickinson wrote on that “large envelope interior”

I  folded and sewed this linen to look like one of the envelopes Emily Dickinson used to write on.

I wanted to use this linen became of the vulva shape in the middle.  Then I cut the embroidered flowers off another  linen that was heavily stained and keeping the vulva shape, sewed them above and below the original lace work.


A detail from the quilt

You can read and see my whole process in creating this quilt here.

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  1. Well, I was No. 2 on your list of interested purchasers, so I fully expect Ms. No. 1 to bequeath this to me in her Will.

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