“I Am Enough” Vicki’s Story….

I Am Enough poster and postcards for sale in my Etsy Shop.

My I Am Enough posters and postcards are getting out into the world.

Vicki, artist and farmer, from Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, bought some of my I Am Enough postcards and sent me this story…

” I was on my way to tractor supply to purchase some new bird waterers and when I pulled up I saw one of the women who worked there loading a pick up full of 50 pound bags of feed while the gentleman who purchased them watched her load it.

At that point I was so happy that I had your cards and I took one out And gave it to that woman.

It made her day and mine too. I hope this email makes you feel as good as it did when I gave that girl your I am  enough postcard, I saw her run to her friend to show her and her friend gave her a high five

 I think I want to get more and keep them in my car just for such occasions.”

I hadn’t thought of my postcards being used in this way, but I love the idea of passing them out to strangers at just the right moment, like Vicki did.

Jon brought some of my posters to Bishop Maginn School, in Albany, where he is raising much needed money for art supplies and the chorus, and gave them out to some of the  students, who he said loved them too.

I’m seeing that it’s not just women my age who get the idea of being “enough” as we are.  It’s young women and men too.

I think this message has a bigger reach than I expected.

My I Am Enough posters are 11×17″ and are $20 including shipping. My 4×6″ I Am Enough postcards are 6 for $12 including shipping.  

You can buy them in my Etsy Shop by clicking here or on the shop Etsy button on the top and bottom of my blog.  

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