Training Zelda and Griselle

Separating two sheep from the rest of the flock isn’t an easy thing to do when they’re not trained in anyway, as our sheep aren’t.

So when we realized that two of our older sheep, Zelda and Griselle needed to have their diets supplemented with grain we weren’t  sure if we’d be able to separate them from the other sheep.

But it only took the sheep about a week to change their behavior and come into the barn when I showed up for the afternoon feeding.  And at the same time Zelda and Griselle were leaning to come into the barn, the other sheep were learning to stay out.

I’m still not quite sure why the other sheep haven’t figured out that Zelda and Griselle are getting the grain they would love to have and rushing into the barn with them.  I can only think it’s because they’ve never gotten the grain so they don’t expect it.

Usually we would have just used Red to help separate the sheep.  But Red can’t do that work anymore so it’s good to know we can figure out ways to work with the sheep, other than having a Border Collie to do it.

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