Kya, The Snail On The Mulch Bag

I decided to name the snail I found on the mulch bag Kya, after the girl in the book Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.  I’m only half way through the book, but  Kya is a wild girl who lives in the marshes in North Carolina, as good a place for a snail, as the marsh behind the farm.

After the video, I called Fate and walked down to the pond where I let Kya slide off my finger onto a piece of grass next to pond.  I’ve seen so many snails just like her there, I know she’ll be right at home.

8 thoughts on “Kya, The Snail On The Mulch Bag

  1. That book was so sad and magical and lyrical. I read it a while back and keep longing for a read as great again!

    What a lovely name for a snail.

  2. My copy of “Where the Crawdads Sing” is currently making the rounds of my friends who are readers. I ordered Delia Owens book after seeing her interviewed on “CBS Sunday Morning” earlier this year. My name is in the book so that it will make it’s way back to me at some point, so I can keep it on my to-be-read-again book shelf.

    1. Nice Marcia, Mine will go in our little free library for someone else to read and pass along too. A friend gave me the copy I’m reading.

  3. I’m a huge fan of Delia Owen’s writing (and I named my first dog Delia as I loved her name). If you enjoy this book you should read the nonfiction books that she has written with her husband Mark. As young college graduates in biology in the 70’s they moved to the Kalahari and lived isolated lived while studying hyena and lions. The book is Cry of the Kalahari. They later moved to Zambia to study elephants and wrote Eye of the Elephant. But my favorite of their books is Secrets of the Savanna – short essays they individually wrote that contrast life and society in America vs the societies they interacted with while in Africa. The chapter on women teaching young girls about their sexuality is priceless – and illustrative.

    1. I never heard of her, Deborah, but her books sound like the kind I’d like. Thanks I think I’ll start with Secrets of the Savanna.

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