Life With Donkeys, From Simon To Fanny and Lulu. Our Latest Podcast

Lulu, Fany, Fate and me.  Jon and I talk donkeys on our latest podcast.   Listen here. 

Whenever I look at Fanny and Lulu’s bulging knees, I still think of the little gray plastic donkey covered in a fuzzy fabric,  that my Aunt brought me back from Italy when I was a kid.

Besides that and the garden statue of the little boy leading a donkey and flower cart that stood outside my bedroom window when I was growing up, I never thought about donkeys until I met Jon, and his donkeys.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve leaned a lot about donkeys, mostly from living with them.  Their history with humans goes back thousands of years.   So our connection to them is deep.

Jon and I talk about the donkeys we’ve lived with, how they’ve affected our lives and donkeys in general, in our latest podcast Life With Donkeys, From Simon to Lulu and Fanny.  

It’s Simon’s bray,  his “call to life”,  you hear in the beginning of each Katz and Wulf On Bedlam Farm podcast.

You can listen to Life With Donkeys, From Simon to Lulu and Fanny here.  Or on iTunes and Google podcasts.

You can also listen to any of our podcasts, anytime, by clicking on the podcast buttons on the top and bottom of my blog.

2 thoughts on “Life With Donkeys, From Simon To Fanny and Lulu. Our Latest Podcast

  1. I just listened to your donkey podcast and enjoyed it so much. Entertaining yet so informative. I’ve been a horsewoman/lover my entire life (65 now) and spent 25 years as a professional animal communicator. The way you and Jon gently and truthfully shared about your communication with the donkeys was wonderful. What a great way to work your way into the skeptics hearts and minds that animals have so much to say to us. I especially loved how you made sure that people understood that you were not trying to tell the animals what to do or to manipulate them in any way but to simply get quiet and accept what they had to share with you. Empty the mind, relax the body and receive! Loved the book about Simon and I’ve read it a couple of times. My heart breaks for all the animals that are neglected yet I do know that they all have their agreements with spirit and are such great teachers for us…………you and Jon certainly do your part in giving them good lives…………thanks for that! Linda

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